Yoga Sun Salutation

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Sun SalutationThis move stretches your abdominal, lower-back, front-hip, and thigh muscles. If you’re prone to lower back pain, make a special point of tightening your abdominals, and don’t arch your lower back. Here’s how to do it:

1. Kneel on the floor and then bring your left leg forward so that your foot is flat on the floor, your knee is bent, and your thigh is parallel to the floor.
2. Lift your arms straight up with your palms facing in.
3. Pull your abdominals gently inward, and keep your shoulders down and back.
4. Look to the ceiling, and as you stretch upward with your upper body, push your weight slightly forward from your hips into your front thigh.

You should feel this stretch travel through your torso and upper body, including your arms. You should also feel it at the very top of your back thigh. Repeat with your right leg forward.

Keep in mind the following tips as you perform the sun salutation:

- Hold onto something solid, like a sturdy chair, with one hand if you have trouble maintaining balance.
- Don’t lean so far forward that your front knee moves in front of your toes.
- Don’t arch your lower back.


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