Benefits of Yoga

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Balmukund Singh in St.Petersburg 2008We tend to view exercise as way to improve our body — to strengthen our heart, tone our muscles, and make our joints more flexible. Only in the last ten years or so has the mainstream fitness community come to accept what many other cultures have known for thousands of years: Exercise can also be good for your mind.

This realization has spawned a new fitness catchphrase, mind-body exercise, and Yoga is at the forefront.

We think everyone can benefit from adding a mind-body activity to their exercise repertoires. You can substitute these workouts for your regular program once or twice a week.

For example, instead of lifting weights or doing your regular stretching routine, do a session of yoga. Some mind-body classes are intensely demanding, so make sure that you don’t overload your workout schedule.

Take yoga for a while and you’ll become much more aware of your body — how you stand, sit, and walk. Yoga can help you in all these areas.

Over the long term, yoga can keep your body looking and feeling remarkably young.


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